senso e rigor


Gestão e Administração de Condomínios, Lda

SENSO E RIGOR* is a company with a very clear statement.

We set out from a series of relevant professional skills and experiences and we share a vision of the horizontal property situation in Portugal. We understand the challenges facing so many condominium managers and administrators and propose to address those issues.

We are a company of people. People with faces and names, who act exclusively in the areas where they have a competitive advantage and where they truly know the market.

We do not look for a hobby, we are not a franchise and much less a repository of forms and checklists as undoubtedly you have found on the market. To manage and administer a condominium is not a task that one should commit to a cheerful fellow proprietor with time to kill.

As an expatriate, having invested in Portugal, being here permanently or as a regular visitor you know how cumbersome things can be with the local benign attitude and tendency for procrastination.

That is one more reason why you need to choose the right people but also the people that can understand your mindset beyond merely translating things into your own language.

We operate exclusively in Central Algarve, in the municipalities of Loulé (Vilamoura) and Albufeira, catering for medium and large size condominiums in the quality real estate segment both residential and leisure.

Managing and administering a condominium is no rocket science but you have to do what you are doing, you have to be there, with common-sense and an ability to make sound judgments and carry-out your decisions.

*in Portuguese (common sense and rigor)