senso e rigor


Gestão e Administração de Condomínios, Lda

In recent decades, the ownership of horizontal property became widespread and literally all of us one way the other have been in contact with the issues arising from the existence of condominiums.

Managing a condominium is an activity consisting of a set of tasks absolutely banal and facilitated by the fact that the parties involved are directly interested parties.

However, we know that is not so simple. Managing a condo has become a formidable task that is further complicated by the spread of a culture of neglect and a society where the most elementary principles of civility are not, to say the least, abundant.

In spite of the fact that a certain industrialization of the activity wants us to believe that very special skills are needed to manage condominiums - nothing could be farther from reality. Managing condominiums requires common sense, in addressing the situations. Making choices consistently, implementing and monitoring them with rigor and accountability.

Increasingly we hear these stories, some scary, about the outlook of the management of condos in Portugal. The
inattentiveness, irresponsibility, the ignorance of the law, the laid-backness, poor or no decision-making, led thousands and thousands of propriety owners to desperate situations of steady degradation and prolonged decline, of crimes against property.

Making the right choice in terms of who is going to manage your condominium is the first step and can also be the last...

We have a serious toolbox of management skills and experiences.

Our value proposition? Sense and Rigor (Senso e Rigor). Shall we have a serious conversation?

... It is certainly not always realistic to use the mechanisms provided by law to protect the interests and assets of the owners, but it is shocking the attitude of indifference that leads people to distance themselves from the solution of the problems in what is actually the same as disinvesting from the assets that are theirs.

It is certainly a cultural issue. People tend to prefer to build new rather than adequately maintaining the existing through good care and due diligence. Far beyond the legal obligations, which are real, people always seem to belittle the conservation, the ongoing works, the proper functioning of the equipments. When situations are finally acknowledged, in a state beyond the acceptable, they then stunned before their scale and associated cost.

Carlos Sampaio     

civil engineer, ten years of management of works and project supervision

The current situation in the property regime is a perfect reflection of society and country. In the absence of basic values of civility, contacts are avoided to the limit, individual responsibilities are neglected and collective responsibility is overlooked while common good deteriorates. In a market which has now become much more selective people continue to ignore how much this takes competitiveness away their condos and devaluates their assets.

José Garrido       

mba, marketing, tourism management, coach