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Gestão e Administração de Condomínios, Lda


At Senso e Rigor we operate exclusively in Central Algarve, in the municipalities of Loulé (Vilamoura) and Albufeira, catering for medium and large size condominiums in the quality real estate segment both residential and leisure.

In this area you find many condominiums facing challenges resulting from the location in tourist areas with the inherent seasonality, units that have mainly temporary occupation and the long absences of many owners. Therefore they require a specific approach which in many ways is more challenging than condominium administration per se and thus often too intricate for your average administrators.


ꙮ Dissatisfied with the status of your current condominium administration?

Naturally it is always time to reconsider a hasty decision and we are at your disposal for a joint analysis of the situation of your condominium and the subsequent submission of a structured proposal to assure a smooth take over.

ꙮ Are you the promoter of a new development in the quality real estate segment either residential or leisure?

For the developer the timely association with a skilful condominium administrator can save a lot of time simplifying procedures, starting right from the beginning and adding value to the property thus marketed with 'condominium status' through the assurance of a future with no unpleasant surprises and continuous protection of the investment. A professional approach during the first years of the property will also assure the best crossing of the 5 year legal threshold for building imperfections guarantees.


In recent years, the industrialization of the management services of condominiums, resulted in the multiplication of packages of 'bundled services' in an authentic buffet of options, with variable costs and offers some of them definitely too creative ...

Our approach is different. We do not believe in pre-defined menus. Senso e Rigor offers a single package, including all services that stem from the law and common sense and meet the requirements of the statutory functions of the administrator (* see exhaustive listing below).

The objective is to simplify and rationalize: manage and administer the condominium, not necessarily how the actual owners would because, otherwise they would not seek professional services, but as we would administer and manage our own assets, thoughtfully, carefully, earnestly – with Senso e Rigor.

An initial analysis of the situation of the condominium is undertaken which is matched to the collection of the expectations of the owners and the resulting program discussed with the stakeholders in order to be articulated in terms of the annual plan and budget of the condominium.

Any additional services and options will be discussed at this level and agreed the conditions of its provision.

The value proposition of Senso e Rigor truly represents a paradigm shift. Our approach is radically different from the dominant approach in the market. While the traditional model is based on an extremely low 'administration fee' compounded later with the commissioning of all services purchased, the Senso e Rigor approach is based on a higher 'administration fee' – adequate to the professionalism the dedication and the allocation time, but without the aggregation of any other income – and that including commissions!

Even if when looking at the budget the bottom line may seem similar, the efficiency and the economies resulting from the transparency and the freedom of choosing at any moment the best provider – not the one offering the highest commission – , are impressive.

Senso e Rigor does not act in view of promoting additional services pre-agreed with friendly businesses. We don't have 'business associates' neither upstream nor downstream. For each service we identify the provider which is best placed and each contract is decided individually based on the actual price submitted by the provider which will be the one invoiced. This transparency is an obvious asset and its advantages easy to see. When the year end analysis is done the differences are enormous.

Senso e Rigor – full transparency.

(*) LEGAL FUNCTIONS OF THE ADMINISTRATOR - Convene the meeting of the owners; - Prepare the annual budget for income and expenditure - collect revenue and settle common expenses - Be accountable to the AGM – Collect from the apartment owners their share in expenditure as approved by the assembly – Establish and manage 2 separate bank accounts: one the current account and another one the Common Fund of Reserve - Execute the deliberations of the Assembly, - Carry out repairs to the building and all other acts necessary for the conservation of the common property; - Regulate the use of common things and the provision of services of common interest - representing the condo before the authorities - represent the condo in lawsuits – Assure insurance against risk of fire and propose to the amount of capital to be hold, - Ensure the implementation of all the regulations and legal and administrative provisions relating to the condominium; - Keep and maintain all documents related to the condominium – Inform the owners of any notification from the administrative authorities – Provide copies of the Rules of the condominium to all persons living in the building and inform every tenant of all the relevant facts for the proper functioning of the condominium.